How does it work?

For any other questions, see the Contact Us page.

1. Place a bot order with us.

Click the product you want and add it to your cart. We offer three types of bots, the SneakerSnatcher, which is our Add to Cart Service, Auto-Checkout, and our Nike Twitter Link Sniper bot. There is a fee for each bot.

2. For Auto-Checkout purchases, read the description for what you need to email us, and we do the rest from there! For the Add to Cart Services, make sure you give us your Nike login information. On the morning of the release, we will tweet out your pre-assigned number letting you know to checkout! For the Nike Twitter Link Sniper Bot, we will send you the login info for the bot at least one (1) day before the release date.

For the Add to Cart Service: When Nike tweets the link at 8 AM, our system will automatically add your desired shoe size into your cart for you. After that, we will tweet your number, which means to log into your Nike account. For the Nike Twitter Link Sniper, we Nike tweets the link at 8AM, our bot will automatically open the link and add your desired shoe size into your cart.

3. Checkout!

Within a minute or two, you will have the shoe in your cart, in which you will see your number tweeted (For the Add to Cart Services), or the screen will tell you the shoe is in your Cart (For the Nike Twitter Link Sniper). After that you can purchase it for retail! If you purchased the Auto-Checkout, we do everything for you!

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